What’s happening at FIRELANDS PR (The Rory Kelly Band, Vultan, Zeroking, Impending Lies, Vinny the Freak)

What’s happening at FIRELANDS PR (The Rory Kelly Band, Vultan, Zeroking, Impending Lies, Vinny the Freak)

Hard southern rockers The Rory Kelly Band are currently working on a new release on Spat! Records and will be dropping it real soon.  It is currently in the mixing process.

The Rory Kelly Band is keeping the train justa rockin’ down the track. They are pleased to deliver you the third single off their latest release Reborn.  “Waiting Game” is a straight up in your face dirty southern vibed song that will make you want to turn your car stereo up really loud and blaze in down the road.

If you are new to the Asheville, NC trio you are in for a treat.  These cats throw it all out at you and all you can do is drink it in.  So sit back, tip one back and enjoy this madman track.

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Cleveland hard rock band VULTAN has recently leaked their new name, leaving behind them the legacy name MourningWagon. Vultan has brought on board a new vocalist Paul Hospodor to round out their sound.  Jason Simonelli whom was on the bands last few records moved to Vegas to front an eclectic cover band. Vultan is keeping true to their sound and the original music format and are getting ready to hit the road on their summer destruction tour.

Lineup: Michael Strong (drums), Shannon Henkel (guitar), Paul Hospodor (vocals), Dom Rini (lead guitar), Stephen Homan (bass)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhcCHVaeld0 “Rising”

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Them WV rockers ZEROKING are back and with a vengeance. Exploding with their latest video efforts “Looks Like Hell” is a video that will remain in your head and make you think, “is this really in a video?”

“Everything from blow up dolls, to quickies, to booze, a kids swimming pool, making breakfast, and of course the straight up hard rock n roll.” It’s such a catchy song and the video pushes it to the limits. You’ll enjoy this song and the video is such a great compliment to it.

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Impending Lies

Impending Lies are really on a warpath right now. They will be sharing the stage on this year’s Inkcarceration Festival on Saturday July 13th at the Ohio State Reformatory.

If you would like to interview the band please contact us as we can coordinate that with you

Upcoming shows: May 4 – Southside Tattoo Company (Elyria, OH), May 25th The Foundry Concert Club (Lakewood, OH)

Follow them: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=165144573520686&ref=br_rs | http://impendinglies.net

Band Members

Davo Billock – Vocals / Guitar
James Skrtich – Guitar / Vocals
Matt Hayes – Vocals
Kris Jones – Bass
Adam Markov – Drums





Vinny The Freak – is the latest pickup on Firelands PR. Vinny brings out a pretty clean release. Covering so many genres. He can’t be pigeonholed in this area. You know Vinny as the dynamic shredder with the band Evil Lunar Creatures. But this release is a different take from the chaos. It’s got a huge spiritual vibe throughout. Plus some great guitars.

If you are looking for something different, fresh and exciting give the first single a listen “Jack in the Box.”

Vinny says “lots of diversity here metal instrumental to piano sonatas that I wrote, and composed support art, and close your eyes and listen Cheers.. Vinny

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